[Twisted-Python] Killing a process

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Thu Aug 17 11:40:18 EDT 2006

Igor Kravtchenko ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I wondered last time what is the best way under Win32 to kill a process
> launched with:
> reactor.spawnProcess()
> os.kill() as documented here:
> http://docs.python.org/lib/os-process.html#l2h-1676
> only works under Macintosh and Unix.
> Furthermore, spawnProcess() doesn't return any handle, process ID or
> anything
> to deal with.
> Any help or idea would be really appreciated,

Try with http://svn.berlios.de/svnroot/repos/pykill32/trunk/.

It uses an hack (create a thread on the remote process) but it seems to
work fine, at least with Python process and Twisted.

Regards  Manlio Perillo

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