[Twisted-Python] spawnProcess under Win32

Thomas Jacob jacob at internet24.de
Mon Aug 14 11:56:43 EDT 2006

> It also makes it completely non-portable to other platforms.  It's difficult
> to do anything with subprocesses cross-platform, but the goal should be to
> make it possible and then easy.  Requiring Win32 flags to be passed in is
> complete capitulation.

Actually it's not that difficult, if you have programs
that simply read stdin and write to stdout.

I'm running a some backup tool (dar) with commands/events and responses
communicated via stdin/stderr both on Unix and Windows with exactly the
same twisted code and its working nicely.

> I also wonder why I have never noticed this behavior.  For example, I
> run buildslaves on Win32 and never noticed them popping up console windows.
> Does this behavior differ between different version of Windows?

I also don't seem to have any problems with unwanted console processes
but that maybe because the current spawnProcess implementation
seems to copy the process creation flags from the main process, and
I'm only running that program from the console (where there is
no need to create another one) or as a Windows service
(which doesn't have a console).

Maybe the original poster is running processes that open
a new console themselves explicitly?

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