[Twisted-Python] How to tell when ReconnectingClientFactory gives up

James Bunton jamesbunton at fastmail.fm
Tue Aug 1 03:06:49 EDT 2006


Is there any way to tell when a ReconnectingClientFactory has stopped  
trying? I'm talking about due to connection failures, etc

As far as I can tell, in ReconnectingClientFactory.retry, if retries  
 > maxRetries, then the function exits with a message to the log.

I can't find a good way to trap this event. The only things I can  
think of are to either hook clientConnectionLost and  
clientConnectionFailed and count when we've hit maxRetries, then  
trigger whatever I want to do, or to patch ReconnectingClientFactory  
to do the same.

Anybody got any ideas?



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