[Twisted-Python] The End, also: documentation

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Wed Apr 26 19:33:19 EDT 2006

On Wed, 26 Apr 2006 09:40:45 -0700, Ed Suominen <general at eepatents.com> wrote:

>Mary, this Twisted user for one really appreciates the efforts you've
>put forth. Indeed, as one of the biggest complainers about Twisted's
>docs, I probably appreciate those efforts more than many users. (That
>sounds backwards until you think about it for a while, like a lot of
>legal language.)

I think that, oddly enough, Mary's resignation comes because she was the most dilligent member of the team, taking her documentation-maintenance responsibilities more seriously than almost anyone else over the packages they maintain (myself included).

>I'm thinking about suggesting (gasp!) myself as your replacement. The
>logical, responsible part of my brain is telling me that I'm insane for
>doing this. But there's another part of my brain that has an illogical,
>probably unhealthy fascination with Twisted and is raising its hand and
>squirming on the uncomfortable wooden schooldesk chair with those huge
>uncomfortable screw heads sticking out, yelling "Call on me! Call on me!"

No need to insist - with the level of competition we usually have, you're in!

The position of "documentation maintainer" is a bit unusual since it was actually taken consciously and willingly.  Usually the protocol is this: I appoint someone for a task, which they are not qualified to do.  Then, they have to fight a bear if they don't want to do it.

Now that you've volunteered, there's no getting out of it.  I mean, do you want to fight a bear?  I wouldn't.  Bears are *scary* - just ask Stephen Colbert.

>Comments welcome. Any positive ones will likely be viewed with suspicion
>and will raise pangs of regret at my making this rash posting. The
>negative ones will likely be viewed with relief, at least by the
>aforementioned logical, responsible part...

Well, I guess you could consider my comment positive.  I think you'll do a great job, since few people seem to care so much about documentation.

By the way, do you know anyone who might be similarly duped into becoming the website maintainer?  (might you?)

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