[Twisted-Python] .tap and twistd and persistence

Matt Feifarek matt.feifarek+twisted at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 12:34:56 EDT 2006

On 4/15/06, Mike Pelletier <mike at mkp.ca> wrote:
> There has also been debate about whether or not mktap plugins are even a
> good
> idea at all for new applications.  At any rate, I don't think it receives
> the
> same attention from the core developers that it once did.  The moral seems
> to
> be that just because something is provided by Twisted does not mean it's a
> best practice.

Thanks for the reply.

So, if the docs tell us that this way is the way to use twisted, and they're
wrong, where do we go to learn how to use twisted?

The docs are quite clear about using application objects and making your
code into a twisted 'plugin' rather than simply poking at the reactor (as in
some of the quick-n-dirty tutorials).

I can certainly write my own persistence code, but I'm a little worried that
more of the "best practices" presented by the docs are wrong. Should I still
use twistd? Should I use the application object? Etc.

Shorter (and somewhat snippier): how do we use twisted in our projects, if
the docs are wrong?

I know that you personally aren't responsible to answer this question; I'm
hoping some others might pipe in and point me to some other docs or other

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