[Twisted-Python] PB v XMLRPC v CORBA v SOAP

Tristan Seligmann mithrandi-twisted-python at mithrandi.za.net
Mon Apr 10 15:30:13 EDT 2006

* Eugene Coetzee <projects at reedflute.com> [2006-04-10 14:12:38 +0200]:

> For a more formal approach to "XML documents over HTTP" doing in a sane 
> fashion what SOAP/XML-RPC wants to achieve:

I do not think that anything that SOAP wants to achieve could be
described as sane ;)

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Representational_State_Transfer

More seriously, REST and SOAP/XML-RPC really are different beasts; REST
is about "state transfer", SOAP and XML-RPC are mainly about RPC-style
semantics. Of course, SOAP also has a "document style" form in which you
embed a custom XML document in a wad of pointless SOAP wrapping, which
confuses things.

Unfortunately, in my experience, the most popular choice is also the
most brain-damaged: an RPC-style SOAP interface with a single method
containing a single string parameter (well, maybe a username and
password too; basic auth must be too hard to understand) that contains a
custom XML document...

(If you hadn't guessed, I'm just a little bitter about all this *g*)

> With Twisted you can easily roll your own RESTive interface.

mithrandi, i Ainil en-Balandor, a faer Ambar
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