[Twisted-Python] Minimal example of Words/OSCAR?

Jason A. Lefkowitz jason at jasonlefkowitz.net
Mon Apr 10 11:09:18 EDT 2006

Hey --

I'm just getting started with Twisted, and I'm particularly interested 
in getting up to speed with Twisted Words.  I'm curious if there is a 
minimalistic demo example anywhere of a bot that connects to the 
OSCAR/AIM network.  I've been looking over the included oscardemo.py and 
it's been helpful, but it seems to include a lot of functionality 
(handling chat-room requests, change of status of buddies, etc.) and I'm 
having trouble parsing out what is absolutely necessary just to 
establish a connection with the OSCAR network.  Does anyone know of an 
example that just shows this?

Thanks in advance!

-- Jason Lefkowitz

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