[Twisted-Python] wxpython lockup

Thys Meintjes thys at quaint.co.za
Wed Sep 28 08:24:11 EDT 2005


I'm currently refactoring a multi threaded wxPython app to use twisted
and adbapi. I've based my code ion the wx demo in the twisted
distribution e.g:

from twisted.internet import wxreactor
from twisted.internet import reactor

The app loads and then freezes, sometimes some of the widgets remain
active for a few seconds before freezing up. No other threads have been
started by this time.

What gives ? Is the wxreactor stable an ready for production ?

Ubuntu 5.4 (2.6.10-5-386) wxPython 2.6 


Thys Meintjes <thys at quaint.co.za>

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