[Twisted-Python] zope.component or twisted.python.components

Garanin Michael garanin at m-lan.ru
Mon Sep 26 17:02:34 EDT 2005

В Втр, 27.09.2005, в 00:33, Itamar Shtull-Trauring пишет:
>                                                                           On Tue, 2005-09-27 at 00:17 +0400, Garanin Michael wrote:
> > Can i hope that there will be feature such as named adapters, multiple
> > objects adapter, handlers etc. (such as in Z3)  in
> > "twisted.python.component" ? Is it planed?
> twisted.python.components is just a layer on top of the standard Zope3
> AdapterRegistry (and mostly it's just backwards compat cruft). So you
> can for example register named adapters, etc.. Or you could isntall
> Zope3 and use its APIs for registering these things; the adaptation
> hooks are global so it will all interoperate nicely.
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Yes, I do it. But, there are two global AdapterRegistry instances
(globalsitemanager from z3 and globalRegistry from twisted) in my app. I
think it's 'dirty code'.

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