[Twisted-Python] threadedselectreactor and twistd

Antony Kummel antonykummel at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 11 14:06:00 EDT 2005


Just wondering how and if to integrate
threadedselectreactor into twistd. I'm thinking to use
it for a GUI application which is also a server (and a
client), so I think using mktap/twistd makes sense,
but there is the matter of threadedselectreactor not
being supported.

What I've been thinking is for threadedselectreactor
to have another method, or it could be combined with
interleave, that accepts a callable that makes the
main loop run. It could also be a special reactor for,
say, wxPython, that accepts a wxApp (and interleaves
automatically), and calls its MainLoop method inside
reactor.run(). This would make it trivial to use with
twisted.application. It would simple require the
service to let the reactor know about its

Any thoughts?


Antony Kummel

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