[Twisted-Python] newpb authorization

Johann Borck johann.borck at densedata.com
Mon Nov 28 06:00:08 EST 2005

I'm writing a distributed app which depends on username/password
authorization. There's an entry in the newpb-docs, newpb-jobs.txt or so,
where an example is given how this authorization might/will look like.
it seems that it is to be implemented in the negotiation-phase, before
the switch-to-banana. Is that interpretation right, or am i wrong about
this, and the authorization is meant to take place via a mediating
pb.referenceable, similar to oldpb? In the latter case it's mostly just
a matter of copy&paste from the oldpb implementation, which works for me
now. But if there are some ideas on where and how to do it in an earlier
stage, or considerations of advantages to do it some defined way, i'd be
glad to know about.

Brian Warner wrote:

>cred has not yet been dragged into newpb, but it
>won't be too much work once someone figures out what exactly they want out of
>such a combination  :) .

What i'm thinking of is two distinct uses of cred in pb. one at an early
stage, affecting the whole connection to be or not to be, and one in
later phases, to have a basis for managing roles and permissions while
the app is running. i will spend some work on that, again, any ideas are
appreciated, and with some feedback it's more likely to result in
something usable for more than just me.


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