[Twisted-Python] One day Twisted documentation sprint

Mary Gardiner mary-twisted at puzzling.org
Wed Nov 9 19:03:42 EST 2005

After the success of the virtual sprint a month back, I suggested that
at some point there might be smaller, more tightly focussed sprints
coming up.

I'd like to run a one day Twisted documentation sprint. Please note that
while I want and need input from both Twisted experts and Twisted
newbies, I won't have much tolerance for general whining about the state
of Twisted documentation. (Not that I've ever exhibited much tolerance
of this kind.) We need highly specific whining!

This sprint will hopefully be the first in a series, and it will be
focussed on *reading* the documentation, rather than writing it. We
would therefore especially welcome the input of people who are either
users of the documentation, or want the documentation improved but don't
want to write it.

We will focus on reviewing present documentation against the following

 - does it reflect best practices for Twisted coders?
 - is it up-to-date?
 - is it complete?

For people who are newer to Twisted, reviews on the general useability
of any particular piece of Twisted documentation as per my post at

This sprint will likely be held in early December and coordinated over
IRC. Can people particularly interested in participating please contact
me off-list with the following information:

 - level of Twisted experience
 - existing knowledge of the documentation
 - preferred day(s) of the week for sprinting
 - preferred hours for sprinting (please give these in UTC)

I'll base the time and date, and to some extent the activities off this


* skreech pilots his shrike into the side of #python

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