Project pages (Re: [Twisted-Python] Twisted (and all subprojects) a3, fresh out of the release script)

Mary Gardiner mary-twisted at
Wed Mar 16 17:04:37 EST 2005

On Wed, Mar 16, 2005, Jeff Pitman wrote:
> 2. Is it possible to get improved blurbs for the projects? (Words like
> "thing", "stuff", "ish", probably could be expounded upon.)  :-D

I'm not entirely sure, but I think this will be up to the maintainers.
Chris and I wrote most of those blurbs between us. Certainly, the
maintainers can do it faster than I can.

Maintainers: it would be great if this could be done ASAP -- the
relevant files are the .proj files in the WebSite's trunk:

The file format is rfc822, you should only have to edit the 'body' to
improve the longer descriptions. If you want to improve the shorter
description appearing on, edit the
description field too.

It's not release critical I think because we can regenerate the website
post-release. But it would be nice.


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