[Twisted-Python] New feature details for NEWS

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Wed Mar 16 00:56:29 EST 2005

So, if anyone wants to expand on items in this section of the NEWS 
file, that'd be great. I think we could do with more of an explanation 
about our major new features. If there are other important changes that 
you feel belong in this list, don't be shy, add them.

> Major new features
> -----------------------
>  - Replaced home-grown components system with zope.interface.
>  - Split Twisted into multiple pieces.
>  - Relicensed: Now under the MIT license, rather than LGPL.
>  - Python 2.4 compatibility fixes
>  - Major efficiency improvements in TCP buffering algorithm.
>  - Major efficiency improvements in reactor.callLater/DelayedCall.
>  - Half-close support for TCP/SSL. (loseWriteConnection).

Also, I somewhat punted on the trial section of the NEWS file. I'm 
really not sure what the new features are since 1.3. I know everything 
changed 500 times, but I don't know what the actual feature changes 
were. It was hard to tell from the commit messages, and I don't 
remember what trial was like back in 1.3 days. If someone more familiar 
with it would like it to say anything other than "Rewritten, a bunch of 
bugs fixed, a few more added", have at it.


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