[Twisted-Python] ChangeLog

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Thu Mar 10 16:13:26 EST 2005

So, it looks like we've generally included two change listings in our 
releases: ChangeLog and NEWS. It's pretty obvious what NEWS is supposed 
to be: a human edited list of the most important changes in the 
release. There is some question, though, about what a ChangeLog should 
be. Right now, it is useless, as nobody updates it. Who wants to write 
two commit messages rather than one, afterall?

If we actually want a change log separate from an "important changes" 
NEWS file, I think it'd be fine to simply autogenerate it from our SVN 
log messages, because if you want a more concise explanation of what 
changed, that's what NEWS is for. The advantage of doing this is that 
people who don't follow SVN get to see all the things we changed, the 
disadvantage being that it's 6500 lines long and contains some 
irrelevant parts. E.g. merging trial, reverting merge, merging trial, 
reverting merge, repeat like 200 more times. Also, things lilke "Use 
ThreadedResolver instead of BlockingResolver by default" in one commit, 
and "Tra la la la la, like extra flowers" in the next when you realize 
you screwed up the first and need to do a 4-character fix. :)

On the other hand, perhaps all we really want is a single human-edited 
changes file, describing in a bit more detail than the 1.3 NEWS file 
what's changed, but more concise than a full changelog. What do people 


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