[Twisted-Python] process directory or alike in Twisted?

Joachim Boomberschloss boomberschloss at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 6 12:48:30 EST 2005

I am thinking about using twisted as the framework of
my distributed application, and I have some questions
about it.

I want the application to be divided into processes,
each dealing with a specific aspect of the
application; some in a central server and some in
arbitrary machines in a local network. I’ll use the
Perspective Broker protocol for communication, but I
want each process to know the addresses of all the
others and be able to communicate with the others
without prior knowledge of their location. How is it
usual to do such a thing? 

I thought of a central server holding the addresses of
processes, such that each process registers its
details at start-up, and gets notified when there are
changes in the list of processes (similarly to the
Pyro name server). To detect the location of the
central server I suppose a broadcast mechanism should
be used, although I don’t know what a broadcast
mechanism is exactly and whether it is supported by
Twisted or not. Is there anything like this already
implemented in Twisted?



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