[Twisted-Python] Re: Anyone have any code or links to code related to using ZeroConf / Rendezous with Twisted?

Stephen Waterbury golux at comcast.net
Sat Mar 5 15:16:18 EST 2005

jarrod roberson wrote:
> Here is what I want to do, any feedback (positive and especially
> negative ) is welcome.
> I want my Twisted server to auto-identify and connect to other
> instances on other machines to sync with then for clustering.

This is a capability I'm interested in also.

> I was originally thinking of making the ZeroConf server just another
> couple of Protocols in the Twisted server, but I am trying to decide
> now if embedding ZeroConf into the Twisted server is the right
> approach.

Wouldn't it have more the character of a service than a
protocol?  I.e., a service that might have one or more
protocols associated with it, and be configured depending
on the environment and requirements of the application
that wants to use the connection.

ken at kenkinder.com wrote:
> Heh. We had a similar need for a clustered system although we forewent
> auto-discovery for a config file we can copy to each of the servers with
> the information on the other nodes on the cluster. If we add or remove a
> node from the cluster, you just propagate the config file.
> Is there any reason you need something like ZeroConf or a specialized
> protocol for this? Can't you just connect via Perspective Broker and
> communicate your basic information that way? I'm asking because at some
> point, we'll probably want auto-discovery and I'd like to hear what you're
> doing.

Good points.  I guess auto-discovery is the only capability
I need in addition to what's already provided by PB, which
I would expect could manage the configuration of clustering,
etc.  Once autodiscovery was done, the peers could use PB
to work out the configuration details.


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