[Twisted-Python] Re: Anyone have any code or links to code related to using ZeroConf / Rendezous with Twisted?

jarrod roberson jarrod.roberson at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 14:33:28 EST 2005

thanks for the responses I will post what I come up with back to the list

Here is what I want to do, any feedback (positive and especially
negative ) is welcome.

I want my Twisted server to auto-identify and connect to other
instances on other machines to sync with then for clustering.

I want client processes to auto-idenitfy and connect to my Twisted server.

I was originally thinking of making the ZeroConf server just another
couple of Protocols in the Twisted server, but I am trying to decide
now if embedding ZeroConf into the Twisted server is the right

I am now thinking that I might should have my servers register
themselves with a standalone ZeroConf  server(s) and de-register them
selves on clean shut down and use a short say 15 min TTL on the DNS

Any thoughts?

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