[Twisted-Python] Dropping support for old cred

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Sun Jun 26 15:23:07 EDT 2005

Jp Calderone wrote:
> and offers a vastly superior API.  The only remaining code in Twisted 
> which uses "classic cred" is the old PB log in method, which is also 
> deprecated (in favor of one based around new cred), and the old 
> application code (twisted.internet.app) which is also deprecated in 
> favor of twisted.application.
> It would be nice to remove this code from the next Twisted release.  
> Does anyone have any applications still relying on them which they plan 
> to use with Twisted 2.1?  If so, what is preventing you from updating 
> the code to the new, vastly improved APIs?

Our codebase at work still uses old cred.  I've never had the time or 
customer requirement to do the upgrade.  Unless I'd get a performance 
benefit out of it, it'd be hard to justify the time spent.

On the other hand, perhaps I do not need Twisted 2.1 either.  What do I 
stand to gain by making the switch?  What benefit can I use to sell 
this?  I assume that I could do this fairly incrementally as we have 
about 10 different processes that communicate within a server cluster 
over PB.  I still use the old PB APIs too (so no PBClientFactory for me!).

We still use the old application code as well for the same sorts of 
reasons. :)  I don't think we have anything that relies on that though, 
we just use barebones tap files (more deprecated code!).

  - Bruce

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