[Twisted-Python] Conch SSH help?

Nick Arnett narnett at liveworld.com
Fri Jun 17 11:41:47 EDT 2005

Paul Swartz wrote:

>Since you clearly have code demonstrating this problem, could you try to
>fashion it into a minimal example and file a bug? (you can assign it to
>me)  Also helpful would be the server you're trying to connect to.  It
>may be that it's a problem on the server end.
The bug would be...?  The failure of loseConnection()?  I'm not sure 
that's really a bug -- I think maybe it's a timing issue.  I'm about to 
try a couple of things in that regard.  I guess the problem as I now see 
it is a design issue -- the use of the "dataReceived" method, which is 
so different from the usual way a callback passes results.  But I'm not 
at all sure that I understand how I'm supposed to be using this.

As for the server, it's a generic sshd on Solaris.

Digging into the source a bit more, I think I could make a reasonable 
bug report.  I see in the source that channelClosed should always be 
called (which the example doesn't do).  But it fails because it uses 
channel_id, which is out of scope here.  I tried changing all of the 
occurrences of channel_id to self-channel_id, which seemed more 
reasonable... but then I'm getting key errors when it is used for a 
lookup in the localToRemoteChannel dict.

So... rather than just making a bug report, I'll see if I can't figure 
out how to fix all this, since it seems to be scope problems.  I really 
need to get something working and this module seems to be better than 
the other Python SSH gizmos I've tried.  (And even though debugging 
Twisted drives me crazy, I sure like what it does when it works.)


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