[Twisted-Python] Setting up OSCAR bot in twisted

Daniel Henninger jadestorm at nc.rr.com
Tue Jun 14 13:09:20 EDT 2005

>>That said, yes, I wanted to combine the changes to oscar.py that are done
>>in PyAIM-t and PyICQ-t and then submit back to Twisted.  I'd be happy to
>>"be the supporter of" oscar.py in Twisted if you all want, but I don't
>>want to step on anyone(Paul)'s toes!!  I leave that up to you all.  If
>>nothing else, I'll try to clean things up and hand the code to Paul.
> I'm sure that Paul wouldn't mind.  (As I understand it, he barely has time
> to work on conch, his main interest in Twisted currently.)

=D  What do you think, Paul?

> Is there a bug for this in the tracker?  If not, please create a bug on
> http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs and assign it to yourself.

Sorry, a bug for what?  What the thread was originally about or something
more directly related to me?


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