[Twisted-Python] twisted.mail.imap4.MessageSet object & imap4 server example

Abe Fettig abe at fettig.net
Thu Jun 2 15:39:32 EDT 2005

Sebastjan Trepca wrote:
> Hi!
> 1. I don't understand how to use this object. When the fetch method is
> called, this object is passed containing the requested messages which
> you then return, right? But is there any easy way to just iterate
> through it and get the requested UIDis, even if LAST is not set.

MessageSet is iterable; you can say "for uid in MessageSet: doStuff()".
You have to set MessageSet.last yourself though if it wasn't specified
by the client; set it to the value of the last uid (or sequence ID)

if not messageSet.last: messageSet.last = self.getUIDNext()-1

will probably do the trick.

> 2. Where could I find some IMAP4 server examples? 

You can look at the Hep IMAP server code here:


It might be a little hard to understand as it's using the Hep server and
Yarn to translate between IMAP and other protocols, but hopefully you'll
find it helpful.


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