[Twisted-Python] Database client-server based on Twisted

Christopher Armstrong radeex at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 20:05:18 EDT 2005

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From: Andreu Alted <aalted at cstables.org>
Date: Jun 1, 2005 10:19 PM
Subject: Database client-server based on Twisted
To: twisted-python-owner at twistedmatrix.com

I have released a beta version of CSTables (www.cstables.org).
CSTables is a client-server layer for PyTables (www.pytables.org) and
HDF5 (hdf.ncsa.uiuc.edu/HDF5/). It is designed to fast adapt to any
other API. In fact, I was thinking in converting it in a
semi-automatic generator of client-server layers for monolitic
applcations, but that's another story.
CSTables uses Twisted for client-server communication, and actually is
fully integrated with the Twisted Framework (it runs with twistd
My project had to be commercialized by another company, but we didn't
get an agreement.
Now, I am looking for a way to keep CSTables alive. There is an
interest for CSTables as a client-server for HDF5, but my intention is
to make something nearest to the general developer.
I wonder if Twisted or a related company could be interested in some
manner in CSTables, (his technology, his development, integrating it
in some manner with other products, similar developments, etc.).
One of the strong points of CSTables is fast reading large amounts of
data, moreover after my current optimizations that use shared memory
for transferring data for local clients in place of banana
Please, let me know any oppinion. 
Best Regards. 
Andreu Alted 
CSTables main developer

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