[Twisted-Python] Defgen explanation

Paolino paolo.veronelli at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 11:52:17 EDT 2005

Hello all,

I have the  next running script which cause me some questions.
I thought deferredGenerators tech could be easily reconverted to 
Deferreds ,but I'm having no success in doing it on the piece of code in 
Indexer.do method.

Particularly if I substitute the generator with
DeferredList([indexing() for indexing in 
indexings]).addCallback(self.do)  I fall in recursion.But the 
rescheduling has to happen really at the end of the indexing.

I think I miss something :(

Thanks for help

from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.internet.defer import waitForDeferred as 
wait,deferredGenerator as async,Deferred,DeferredList
import time

def deferredReady(value=False,later=0):
   return deferred


class Indexer(object):
   def do(self,*_):
     self.indexings=[] # a new queue
     ##### how to substitute this with non-generator deferring ?
     def _():
       yield wait(DeferredList([indexing() for indexing in indexings]))
       deferredReady().addCallback(self.do) # rescheduling
     #######  end of substitution

   def __init__(self):
     self.indexings=[] # a queue
     self.do() # first scheduling
   def index(self,uri):# the interface for triggers
     def _():
       print 'indexing ',uri
       for i in range(10000): #adjust this higher to see the queue 
growing if your machine is faster
         yield coop()
       print 'indexed',uri
     print 'Queued indexings',len(self.indexings)


from twisted.internet import task

task.LoopingCall(lambda :indexer.index('ciao')).start(3)
task.LoopingCall(lambda :indexer.index('mamma')).start(4)
task.LoopingCall(lambda :indexer.index('papa')).start(5)


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