[Twisted-Python] how to invoke an action in twisted matrix from a process

Daniel Isenegger disen at geo.unizh.ch
Wed Jul 20 06:24:05 EDT 2005

Hi, a newby question:
i try to invoke an action in a twisted matrix program from a process 
running on my machine:
for example:
i start a program (test.py), which generates output. test.py should call 
the twisted matrix program (which is already running and waiting for 
input) and hand over its output to the twisted matrix program.

to do this i examined the examples process.py and quotes.py (on the 
HOWTO pages of the twisted matrix homepage).
quotes.py seems to be an example which is quite close. When i start it 
on the shell, nothing happens.

if i understand right, quotes.py waits for a tcp-connection on port 10999.
Is it also possible to read the data from test.py from stdout (like in 
process.py) without invoking this program in the twisted matrix program


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