[Twisted-Python] O'Reilly book on Twisted coming in October

Abe Fettig abe at fettig.net
Tue Jul 5 09:53:03 EDT 2005

Sebastian Schulze wrote:
> Whhee, what a good news! I'll definitly buy this one.
> Please inform us when your book is avaiable on amazon.com (or elsewhere).
> I have two questions: Does it cover all the changes done with Twisted 2.0 or
> is it based on a prior version?

It's based on Twisted 2.0.

> Is there a way of getting an autographed version, that would be nice :-)

A lot of people seem to be asking for that :-). I've already promised to
give away my free author's copies to Twisted committers, but I'll try to
figure out a way to make autographed copies available for purchase for
everybody else who wants one.

Thanks for all the enthusiastic comments, everyone! I'm very excited.


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