[Twisted-Python] Minions of Mirth - Independent Persistent World RPG using Twisted

Josh Ritter jritter at bektel.com
Sun Jul 3 04:56:42 EDT 2005

Hello all...

I thought this might be of interest to a few people... I know there are some 
game developers on this list... and we have a pretty good example of Twisted 
being used in a game :)

We just opened up the alpha on our RPG that uses Twisted for the bulk of 
it's "RPG Networking"... Twisted has been absolutely great to work with... 
it's used in our Master Server, World Server, Zone Servers, and Client... We 
also have an autopatching system it will be used in, though for now that 
uses *gulp* urllib :|

The alpha can be downloaded on both the Windows and OSX platforms.... some 
further information is below....

Oh, and here's an embedded web server in the world server running Nevow, 
hooray for Nevow! http://www.prairiegames.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=116

Vibes and THANKS!!!,
-Josh Ritter
Prairie Games


Minions of Mirth(tm) - "Truly Open Alpha"

Minions of Mirth(tm) is a massively single player, multiplayer, 3d MUD, 
Persistent World RPG, by Prairie Games.
We are currently in alpha testing on OSX and Windows and are extending an 
invitation to be a part of the game's creation.

You can DOWNLOAD the alpha test simply by registering on our forums: 

Once you've registered, the download information can be obtained in this 
thread: http://www.prairiegames.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=93

The Minions of Mirth "Truly Open Alpha" is a work in progress that features:

+ Windows and OSX support!

+ Easy access, only a forum registration is necessary to get in on the fun! 

+ Massively Single Player Gameplay(tm)!!!

+ Cooperative and Player vs Player Multiplayer

+ No monthly service fees for Multiplayer!

+ Autopatcher delivers immediate content and feature upgrades!!!

+ Host your own persistent worlds with your own original content!

+ Immortal access to your own world where you can control time, weather, 
spawns, items, etc

+ 10 playable races with distinct look, feel, and SIZE!!! Huge Drakken and 
tiny little Halflings!!!

+ 9 beautiful zones with huge playable area and vistas!  Dark dungeons and 
sprawling wilderness!

+ 2 hours of original music!

+ Masterfully animated 3d monster models with stunningly realistic textures

+ Spine-chilling sound effects!

+ Day/Night cycles with gameplay tied to time of day

+ Immersive weather effects based on zone climate

+ Multiclass your characters all the way to level 100 in up to 3 classes!

+ Material based clothing system

+ Over 50 3d weapon models

+ 100's of in game items with high resolution graphics and magical effects!

+ Political Factions

+ Quest Journal

+ Online Help

+ Vendors sell items and restock at regular intervals

+ Trade items and currency with other players!

+ 3d Automap

+ Versatile Spell System (invisibility, wind walking, Teleportation, 
Healing, Nukes, DoTs, etc)

+ Summon pets, equip them, and order them to destroy your foes!

+ Powerful Skills (Feign Death, Bloodletting, Rage, Volitation, Archery, 
Grecious Wound, Precise Shot, etc)

+ Form your own party of up to 6 characters

+ Form multiplayer alliances with up to 36 characters

+ Add, remove, or even create new characters at Inns, without ever leaving 
the game!

+ Powerful modding system including RPG Database (with live recompiles) and 
Realtime Zone Editing

+ Advanced users can SSH into their world and edit the game while it's 
running from an interactive Python shell.

+ Global, World, Zone, Area, Alliance, and Private chat channels

+ Global Chat system is hooked up to IRC, so you can chat with people in and 
out of the game, even spanning worlds!

The Entire Team at Prairie Games 

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