[Twisted-Python] Re: dramatic slowdown in pbbenchclient.py

russ russt at agilityfund.com
Thu Jan 27 20:31:55 EST 2005

>>The slowdown only appears between two different computers.  If I run 
>>it on a single computer I get 700 cps.  If I run it between two 
>>separate computers but with one or two simultaneous deferreds, then 
>>there's only a very minor slowdown.  I'm running on windows 2000 with 
>>What do you think?  Is this a strange behaviour of twisted or is there 
>>something screwed up with my networking?
>It is possible this is due to the immediate-write behavior of twisted 
>1.3 combined with the TCP Nagle algorithm. You could try calling 
>transport.setTcpNoDelay(True) on both ends (the client and the server 
>end) to see if that helps.
Ok, now I'm feeling quite clueless.  I guessed that "transport" refers 
to myPBClientFactory.protocol.transport (for the client case).  But this 
is set to None and never changes.  Where is the underlying transport 
stored in PBClientFactory and PBServerFactory?

Thanks, -Russ

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