[Twisted-Python] live - debug?

Luciano Andrade andrade_luciano_a at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Jan 25 14:53:29 EST 2005

Hello every one...I start using twisted matrix and
develop an aplication (both server and client)
realativly easy but it seems every once in a wille the
server (some times the client too) hung showing
traceback from an error, the problem is that the
software works, but i like to put some debug(or a log
system) to see if  ther server  crashed (sometimes
acsidentally crash the reactor), can any one use
something like that, also I like to use some sort of
restart-on-halt system. Any ideas (except
gramatical/ortographics corrections) are wellcome.

PS: I really sorry if hurt to read my email.

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