[Twisted-Python] Question on new code development

Bill Krueger bill.krueger at comcast.net
Fri Jan 21 10:50:13 EST 2005

I am in the process of building an interactive game server and client
with the client code written in Java and I have a couple of questions. I
am hoping to be up and running with a prototype in the next month. My
plans incluse the use of Twisted framework as I'm very comfortable in
Python as well as Java. 

My first question is, should I be looking at the new Twisted 2.0 for
development or stick with 1.3 and plan on upgrading to 2.0 later. 

Secondly, would using and/or building upon TwistedJava for the
communications between the Java clients and my Twisted server code be a
good direction to take?

Bill Krueger <bill.krueger at comcast.net>

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