[Twisted-Python] "Directory triggers" with kqueue using Twisted? (on MacOS X / FreeBSD)

Wolfgang Keller wolfgang.keller.nospam at gmx.de
Thu Jan 13 15:40:41 EST 2005


recently I read something about the "kqueue" event notification mechanism
built into FreeBSD and that it would allow to receive notification when
filesystem contents change. Would this mechanism allow to implement a
similar function as database triggers for a filesystem, i.e. write a script
that does something with files that are added to, modified in or deleted
from a certain directory without having to poll the filesystem all the
time? Folder actions allow such things on MacOS X, but Applescript is slow
and I would prefer Python anyway. ;-) If so, is there a way to write such
scripts in Python using Twisted?


Best regards

Wolfgang Keller

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