[Twisted-Python] twisted & buildbot for fink/macosx

Kurt Schwehr kurtschwehr at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 7 14:33:19 EST 2005

Hey All,

When reading this know that I'm not really a python
programmer (last time was too long ago)

I posted fink info file for twisted, buildbot, and a
couple others here:


No one has expressed any interest and since I do not
have the time to figure out buildbot for my project
(density), I am going to drop the info files.

If you do have interest in these files, please let me
know and if they work for you, I can easily add them
to the fink cvs tree.  I don't really know if they are
ok or not.  Otherwise, I will just leave them on my
web page and not put them into fink.

Or, if someone has a simple tutorial of setting up
buildbot (for the clueless) with only one machine that
has local only cvs and does the builds too with just a
simple make command, then if I can get buildbot
working pretty quickly then I would add these fink


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