[Twisted-Python] async code structure question

snacktime snacktime at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 14:40:36 EST 2005

By the way, this is all for a (partially) open source project that I
will put on the web asap.  It's an application that connects directly
to bank networks for processing credit card/ach transactions, and
eliminates the need to use online payment processors such as
authorizenet (which themselves are using applications just like this

All of these direct processors have strict NDA's for their api's and
require distribution in object code only.  As soon as I can cleanly
separate out the processor specific api implementations from the
generic components I will be making it public.  The processor specific
stuff will be in shared libraries made with pyrex.

I do have permission to let other developers see the entire source as
long as they sign the same NDA, but I still haven't decided the best
way to go about that.

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