[Twisted-Python] Re: syslog logging

Tsai Li Ming mailinglist at ltsai.com
Sun Feb 6 01:56:26 EST 2005

I apologize if my initial post wasn't clear enough. let me rephrase:

Is there a way to define the target syslog facility when logging to 
syslog when using twisted? According to the man page of twistd, you can 
define logging to be piped to syslog. For e.g.:
twistd -y server.tac --pid /var/run/server.pid -q -o --syslog

Looking at twisted/python/syslog.py, there isn't a way to specify the 
logging facility that can be used:

class SyslogObserver:
     def __init__(self, prefix):

By default, the python syslog module will log to the LOG_USER facility.


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