[Twisted-Python] Re: fellow aussie :)

Timothy Stebbing tjs at nunatak.com.au
Wed Feb 2 18:43:26 EST 2005

On Thu, 2005-02-03 at 10:03 +1100, m.lean at webfeet.com.au wrote:
> Hi there,
> Are there any Twisted users in Australia out there?

Yes, about 7-8 people who hang out on #twisted at irc.freenote.net, and
if the show-of-hands at the recent OSDC in Melbourne is anything to go
by, around 50ish in the general Australian python community.

There is an up-coming twisted sprint being organised in Hobart if you
want to get to know some of the community.

btw, if your replying to a digest its a good idea to change the subject
to something more specific.


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