[Twisted-Python] Twisted network games

Ken Kinder ken at kenkinder.com
Mon Apr 18 19:46:37 EDT 2005

Well, I hate to be discouraging, but you would probably do well to learn 
Python more thoroughly before diving into Twisted. I got into Twisted a 
year and a half ago having programmed in Python already for 4 years, and 
it was still somewhat intimidating.

Aside from that, I'm not sure you would really be sharing much code with 
other developers unless someone out there wants to do exactly what 
you're doing. A simple Google search reveals a number of mailing list 
discussions about game-related topics like UDP, but they are probably 
not relevant to your project. Because the whole thing sounds like it 
wouldn't require a lot of real-time communication, I would just use 
Perspective Broker. If you've ever used something like COM or other 
object brokering systems, PB should be relatively simple aside from its 
asynchronous nature.

I assume you're aware of the PyGame project which provides API's for 
things like sprites and sounds: http://www.pygame.org/ -- I'm not sure 
how many people have tried integrating PyGame with Twisted, but I did 
find this post from 2003: 

Hope this helps.


sir shz wrote:

>Hi, I'm just starting to poke into Twisted, actually python itself. I'm
>thinking of writing a network based game, e.g., card games like poker.
>Twisted seems to be the right tool for it. Are there any existing projects
>in that direction? Have there been this type of multiple player games
>written in Twisted? or in Python (which must surely exist)?
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