[Twisted-Python] wxpython issues

Shawn Church twisted-python at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Apr 15 14:30:22 EDT 2005

It is entirely possible that twisted is NOT what I should be using.  What I
want to do basically is: 1) Provide a consistant login for users independent
of any DB; 2) Provide a security framework based upon number 1 (i.e. user sam
can do a,b, and c but user john can only do a);  and 3) Provide the abililty
for the server to query a DB backend in response to requests from the client,
and return the data.  In addition,  it would be very nice to wrap all of this
up in SSL to protect casual "snooping" of data.

I have looked at implementations of Soap,  CORBA,  and Pyro,  none of which
have really statisfied me.  I thought that by using the PB interface of
twisted,  along with a SSL connection,  I could achieve all of my objectives
fairly simply -- once I worked out the details I was able connect,  login,
and transfer data with very little code.

I fully realize that if I want to write a GUI application that depends upon
arbitrary responses from the server (i.e. a chat client to use your example)
then my approach will not work.  What I want to do is have my clients request
data from the server and wait till the data is ready (seems prettty simple
:-))   Twisted seems to do what I want (assuming I can interface with wx),
but if you can point to another package please let me know.

Glyph Lefkowitz (glyph at divmod.com) wrote:
> James Y Knight wrote:
> > Well, if you know that can't happen, (or that you aren't interested if
> > it does happen) then you're all set. :)
> True enough, but in that case, don't use Twisted - it's just extra
> complexity.  urllib will do just fine.
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