[Twisted-Python] wxpython issues

Ivo van der Wijk vladdrac at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 06:29:27 EDT 2005


I know there are issues with wxPython (not exactly sure which though -
is there anything documented about this?)

Anyway, wxPython is, at this moment, still my prefered GUI Toolkit
(and Wax even makes it rather pythonic) and Twisted is my prefered
choice for networking, so I really need the support :)

I'm currently having issues with wx 2.5.3 - the GUI is not drawn.

I've found out that this issue is caused in wxreactor.py - the timer
is scheduled every 1msec (which the new wx perhaps actually can
handle!), simultate is being run for 10msec. and won't finish in time
for the new event.

Changing the interval in wxreactor.py to 50msec solves my problem. All
of this is with twisted 1.3.0rc1



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