[Twisted-Python] UDP asynchronous communication

Adrian Libotean adrian.libotean at asylum-studios.ro
Sun Apr 10 12:18:38 EDT 2005

Tommi Virtanen wrote:
 > Adrian Libotean wrote:
 >> Trust me I've read the document and after:
 >> reactor.listenUDP(...)
 >> reactor.run()
 >> the *client* just waits for incoming traffic.
 > Set up things to happen, then call reactor.run() at the end
 > of your main function.

That's the problem: I just want to start the client and then, when the 
user selects "Scan" from the interface, I must send the broadcast and 
then act on replies from servers completely independent of the main 
thread of the application.

So I have two choices: I run the reactor in a separate thread, or I find 
a way to do a non-blocking communication using onReceive/onSend events.

 > Also, please do not top-post.

Sorry for that.

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