[Twisted-Python] UDP File Copy

Jp Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Mon Apr 4 08:53:12 EDT 2005

On Mon, 4 Apr 2005 13:17:05 +0200, "van Aswegen, Marinus \(ZA - Johannesburg\)" <mvanaswegen at deloitte.co.za> wrote:
> I'm busy writing a small P2P client with Twisted. The primary use will
> be on a reliable local LAN segment.
> I would like to use UDP to copy files and the client must be able to
> accept multiple connections. I have 
> not been able to find any example code via google, any suggestions ?
> Regs

  Use TCP instead.  UDP might be an optimization to make later (but probably not: I can push 11MB/sec over my LAN with TCP, UDP is not going to do much better).


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