[Twisted-Python] Problems using Twisted adbapi

Simon simon at hedberg.net
Thu Sep 30 14:46:41 EDT 2004

In response to Thomas Weholts question regarding writing a general
database-abstraction layer for Twisted I thought I'd share this with you
all. I have made a rewrite of the adbapi to use ADOdb for Python
(http://adodb.sourceforge.net/#pydownload). It seems to be working fine
but I haven't really tested it since I just finished it yesterday.
Let me know of this is something that sounds useful to any of you. 
I'm also thinking of doing a rewrite of the sqlreflector and rowobject
to support a more dynamic type checking and validation.
Since I'm quite new in this community I don't really know what has been
done before and not. So any input is appreciated.


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