[Twisted-Python] SSH server silently failing to open port

Jason Stitt jason at pengale.com
Sun Sep 12 18:53:33 EDT 2004


I'm still trying to get my SFTP server up. After looking over 
SFTPGateway in some detail, I think I have an idea of where all the 
pieces fit, but I'm still having the problem I had before with the 
sshsimpleserver example. Even though my factory is being instantiated 
and the log output says it's starting on the port I specified, the port 
is not, in fact, open to any connections.

Because there is no error reported, I'm having a hard time debugging 
this. I know that my factory's __init__ method completes successfully, 
and startFactory is also called. After that... nothing.

Can anyone help me figure out where to start looking, at least?



Here's my Factory class, minus a few comments and debug print 

class Factory(factory.SSHFactory):

     def __init__(self):
         self.portal = portal.Portal(Realm())

         def makeConnection(*args, **kw):
             return Connection(*args, **kw)

         self.services = {
             'ssh-userauth': userauth.SSHUserAuthServer,
             'ssh-connection': makeConnection,

         # TODO: replace this with keys loaded from a file
         self.__private_keys = {
             'ssh-rsa': keys.getPublicKeyString(data=publicKey)
         self.__public_keys = {
             'ssh-rsa': keys.getPrivateKeyObject(data=privateKey)

     def buildProtocol(self, address):
         # Note: this function does not use its address parameter. I 
don't know
         # why it's there.
         return factory.SSHFactory.buildProtocol(self, address)

     def getPrivateKeys(self):
         return self.__private_keys.copy()

     def getPublicKeys(self):
         return self.__public_keys.copy()

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