[Twisted-Python] Recursive filescanning in Twisted??

Jp Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Wed Sep 8 19:42:30 EDT 2004

Thomas Weholt wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to run a web-server which displays information about files on
> my filesystems. The info will be stored in either a mysql or sqlite
> database. The number of files to be scanned can be many and huge in
> size. I want to click on a link which goes to a specified
> page/resource on the server which starts the filescanning, generates
> checksums for the files processed ( sha/md5 ) and stores this info in
> the database. The process cannot block the server, at least not the
> filescanning itself. The database interactions is not that critical.
> It would be nice to have some kind of indication available for users
> to see that a filescan was in progress, perhaps even some kind of
> progress indication.
> Can anybody show me how to do a non-blocking filescan like I've
> described in a Twisted-based web-application which generates
> sha/md5-checkums in the process?

   Something like this, perhaps?  (defgen.py from radix's Twisted sandbox)

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