[Twisted-Python] why tests are failing with the gtk2 reactor + oldtrial but passing with newtrial

Jonathan Simms slyphon at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Oct 18 02:52:58 EDT 2004

in a nutshell, oldtrial leaves the reactor in a dirty state

in the gtk2 reactor i put in the follwing method:

    def printoutallreaders(self):
        for reader in reads.keys():
            print "reader: %r" % reader

in twisted.test.test_internet.InterfaceTestCase.testCallInNextIteration
i added the following line (278):

277        reactor.callLater(0, f1)
278        reactor.printoutallreaders()

upon running the test along with the whole suite i got the following 
output from my method:

    testCallInNextIteration ... reader: 
<twisted.internet.default._UnixWaker instance at 0x404d6b6c>
reader: <Echo #0 on ./hello.skt>
reader: <twisted.internet.tcp.Client to ('localhost', 50048) at 421a832c>
reader: <Echo #0 on echo.skt>
reader: <twisted.internet.tcp.Client to ('localhost', 50042) at 421d3b8c>
reader: <Echo #0 on 0>
reader: <twisted.internet.unix.Client instance at 0x4217836c>
reader: <twisted.internet.protocol.ServerFactory on 50046>
reader: <twisted.internet.unix.Client instance at 0x421784ac>
reader: <Echo #0 on 0>
reader: <Echo #0 on 0>
reader: <twisted.internet.protocol.Factory on 50051>
reader: <Echo #0 on echo.skt>
reader: <twisted.protocols.ftp.DTPFactory on 50055>
reader: <twisted.internet.protocol.ServerFactory on 50048>
reader: <twisted.internet.tcp.Client to ('localhost', 50046) at 421bcaec>
reader: <twisted.internet.unix.Client instance at 0x421d39ec>

as you can see, old trial has left a large number of readables in the 
reactor between tests.

when i run with the same code patched into the retrial-4 branch:

      testCallInNextIteration ... reader: 
<twisted.internet.default._UnixWaker instance at 0x4063c1ec>

you can see that the only readable in the reactor  is a _UnixWaker.

so retrial caused this test to work by cleaning up the reactor state, as 
the test writer expected.

In the end, it was a VERY GOOD THING that JP demanded that I revert the 
merge of my branch, as
the reactor-installation code was flawed.


let that be a lesson to you all...

it is fixed now in my branch, ans i'm going to test it on pyramid before 
remerging to make sure there
are no further buildbot suprises.


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