[Twisted-Python] UDP and multiple access

Sebastien Kirche sebastien.kirche.no at spam.free.fr.invalid
Sun Oct 10 17:55:00 EDT 2004


I am  working on a  little project  to list the  servers of the  online game
«Enemy Territory» and also to list/find a known player. I try to use twisted
to simplify the network access.
I am new both to twisted and python, but as i am also a programmer, learning
is quite easy.

The task consists in 2 times:
1) one UDP request to the  master server at idsoftware that returns the list
   of the active (slaves) servers (currently around 2020 hosts)
2) one UDP  request to *each* slave server  to obtain characteristics (name,
   map that is played, ...) and the list of the players

For the time i  managed to perform the task 1) and i  can obtain the list of
the hosts:ports to ask for.

If someone would like to peek an eye on my code, i uploaded it [1].

My problem is now to send around 2000+ non blocking requests and to take the
answers as they come back.

Data  treatment should  not be  a problem,  but i  don't really  see  how to
perform the mass request.

I  don't understand  clearly  the twisted  terminology (protocols,  factory,
...). I  have seen  in another  script [2] a  case where  there is  just one
datagramReceived that checks on the host:port of the datagram to distinguish
the answers, but that is kind of a library, and it only shows 2 requests for
a test. I have no idea for the mass request.

Would someone be  kind to guide me a  little about it ? For  example by just
giving me a snippet for a multiple UDP request with the hosts are in a list,
and if the datagramReceived will suit the response treatment.

I hope to be clear enough. TIA.

[1] http://sebastien.kirche.free.fr/python_stuff/master_query.py
    (comments welcome)

[2] http://sebastien.kirche.free.fr/python_stuff/twist_p2p.py (initially
    published in the twisted mailing-list)

Sébastien Kirche

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