[Twisted-Python] xml-rpc, single-instance... how does that work

Guyon Morée gumuz at looze.net
Fri Oct 8 09:39:56 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I am trying to get my head around some things here.

I have been looking at the twisted xml-rpc examples and I know you can get
concurrency through deferreds. I like that :)

The concept(which i dont get) is having a *single* instance of some class,
which is published through xml-rpc.

What happens when multiple 'users' try to do stuff like updating and

How does one do transactional processing? The way I see a user having a
transaction is having it's own instance of some (business)object. For

# semi pseudo code :)
x = xmlserverobject()

transaction = x.SomeTransActionalBusinessObject()

# do stuff

# save the transaction if everything went correct to for example a database


I hope it's clear what I am looking for.I dont see how you can do that
through xml-rpc, but I might be just stupid :P

I hope I missed something because the webservices/xmlrpc looks really


Guyon Morée

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