[Twisted-Python] Re: assignKeyAttr in row object

Tsai Li Ming mailinglist at ltsai.com
Tue Oct 5 11:33:58 EDT 2004

Dave Peticolas wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-10-05 at 05:15, Tsai Li Ming wrote:
>>Dear all,
>>What is the assignKeyAttr method used for in a row object? Is it similar 
>>to a primary key that can be used to identity the instance?
> Yes, assignKeyAttr is used to change the primary key of a row object.
> dave

Hi Dave,

Is it necessary to use assignKeyAttr? From the source code, it doesn't 
seem to do anything special, except to change the primary key(s)?

def assignKeyAttr(self, attrName, value):
         """Assign to a key attribute.

         This cannot be done through normal means to protect changing
         keys of db objects.
         found = 0
         for keyColumn, type in self.rowKeyColumns:
             if keyColumn == attrName:
                 found = 1
         if not found:
             raise DBError("%s is not a key columns." % attrName)
         self.__dict__[attrName] = value

Alternatively, I could set the primary key manually.
newRoom = RoomRow()
newRoom.roomID = get_unique _id()
#newRoom.assignKeyAttr("roomID", get_unique _id())


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