[Twisted-Python] Re: Twisted-Python Digest, Vol 2, Issue 38

James R. Saker Jr. jsaker at americanrelay.com
Fri May 28 14:39:39 EDT 2004

> From: Paul Swartz <z3p at twistedmatrix.com>
> Yeah, that was a stupid bug.  The example in current SVN should work. 
> You might also want to look at t.c.unix, which implements a bunch of the
> stuff that you will want to implement for your application (namely, a
> Session channel).

Cool - definitely will. The whole conch area seems to be rather
interesting - digging for more documentation on insults as well as I'm
not quite the "read the API and code" learner yet.

Now if someone could just show me the trick to learning this all faster,
I'd be set;-) scp python.twisted.* me at brian.self://long/term/memory/ !!!


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