[Twisted-Python] (Un)Twisted Clients and Servers (newbie)

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Wed May 26 12:50:14 EDT 2004

On May 26, 2004, at 11:17 AM, Bill la Forge wrote:

> Thanks for the feedback. Is Zope3 stackless? Or did I
> misread that somewhere?

No, it does not depend on or otherwise use Stackless as far as I have 
heard.  I believe you have misread.

> The old unix model of processes/pipes keeps coming
> back up, it seems. Occum made good use of it, and I
> understand stackless does too. I think its the
> ultimate
> component model.

Well unix pipes are awful to use directly, since they are just one big 
stream of bytes with no semantic information whatsoever.. but they are 
a good enough foundation to build something better.

> Just a side note, bsddb apparently doesn't care which
> thread you use, as long as its sequential. This
> apparently changed (at least in the docs) in 4.2
> (which is included with Python 2.3). (And was pointed
> out to me a few days ago on this list!)
> I agree that Python, being already a high-level
> language, is likely not the best choice for layering
> another programming model on top of. And stackless
> looks like its a speed Phreek's dream. Where's the
> documentation for Stackless, in the download? I'd
> like to read more about it than what I can find on
> the web site.

There isn't a whole lot of documentation.  Download it, compile it (if 
necessary, I think there are recent win32 binaries), look at some of 
the tests and code.  The stackless module has decent doc strings.

> Anyway, I've picked my horse--Medusa--and I had
> intended to ride it for a while. But Twisted looked
> far richer/active/maintained. Is the world really
> ready for Stackless? It could be a far better world...

Do you really care what the rest of the world is doing or is ready for? 
  If you really did, you'd probably be doing something in Java or C#.

> (It really wouldn't take much to get me over there,
> but I really really need a lot of what's already
> part of Twisted!)

Stackless Python is an alternative Python interpreter, not a networking 
framework.  Twisted works just fine under Stackless, and there is even 
from Stackless specific integration in the sandbox.


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