[Twisted-Python] twisted enterprise versus other OR tools

Kevin Koym kevin at praxsys.com
Mon May 24 13:14:37 EDT 2004

I have been recently looking at Twisted Enterprise.  I am wondering-

Is there any other object /relational persistence mechanisms that are 
closer to
- php's propel http://propel.phpdb.org/
- apache's torque

I like the idea of having a lighter weight system, which it seems that 
twisted's enterprise provides, but I miss not having some of the 
modeling capabilities of these other tools vis a vis twisted 
enterprise.  I am wondering what is planned for its future, or perhaps, 
given my newness to python, perhaps I am looking at the wrong tool for 
object persistance into relational databases?  Are there others that are 
used on a higher end for lots more classes?  Given that the Java world 
has so many of these tools for object - relational mapping (versus 
pulling rows out of tables separate of business objects), I expect that 
there is another in the python world that I have missed (whether it is 
twisted.enterprise or otherwise).

Any thoughts appreciated.


PS my bias is towards Apple's (formerly NeXT's) enterprise objects.  If 
you have a suggestion that hits close to it, please let me know.

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